Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Showers

My teammates and I always laugh at about our Coach telling us to "not think about things we can't control" because "we could have a race in these conditions" when it comes to practicing in incliment conditions i.e. blizzards, flooding tracks, freezing temperatures, 5AM name it, we complain about it, he tells us to suck it up (more or less). In his words, "mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter".

Well today, we really did have a race in these conditions. Mother nature must have heard that Wofford was on Spring Break and took that as her cue to open up the skies in torrential downpour. Typical. So, while my friends are flying to Haiti, roadtripping to Colorado, laying out by the beach, or hanging out with their families, my teammates and I huddled under a leaky tent, envious of the richer teams who were able to afford TWO tents, or the kinds of tents that they have in Harry Potter where you walk inside and its a mansion- I don't think they even knew it was raining. Meanwhile us po folk tried our darndest to stay dry and tossed caution to the wind as everyone snuggled with everyone to stay warm. Spoon fest 2k11.

The warmest place to be was in the bathroom. Literally about 15 girls were in there at all times, and everytime the door would open and a chorus of "go ahead, we're not waiting" would erupt. People were lining up to take their turn at the hand dryer, dismissing the vehement odor that the little room exuded, and choosing warmth over fresh air. You better believe I was right there with them!

The highlight of the day came when we were told we were leaving early! Praise the Lord that our suffering was temporary and we were soon loading up the van and short bus to head back to Wofford!

Now I have my 3 days of Spring Break to look forward to! I'll be doing lots of this

...Minus the white sand, palm trees, hot guy, and pink leis. But basically.

And, for all those people who keep telling me "wow you're hair is long!" I'm getting a haircut. Speaking of which, what am I supposed to do with that comment, "you're hair is long" ? It is a compliment or a statement? Do I respond with "Thanks?" or "Yes, how very observant of you". To quote Stephanie, "no one even knows!" Anyways, I'm getting a haircut and hoping to immediately morph into this 
I'm legitimately hoping that one day I'll take a picture to the hairdresser and come out with the exact haircut AND face of the model or actress. I'll be practicing my autograph just in case.

Or maybe I'll take this picture with me and hope to automatically inherit Rory's lifestyle in Star's Hollow, working at the Yale Daily News:
Check that pout. Here's to hoping!

Happy Spring Break! And I apologize on behalf of Wofford for bringing the cold weather with us!



    I am obsessed with your blog. I check it like 20 times a day.