Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bowling Extravaganza

First, a brief update on what's been going on since the team got back on campus for part deux of Spring Break. This is mainly going to be entertaining for my bowling group only, because it's one of those "you had to be there" kinds of things. Moments like these I wish I had a video camera so I didn't have to say that little phrase that immediately comes after a flop of a story (you know the tell a story, look around expectantly with a huge grin on your face because of the fantabulous story you just told, waiting for everyone to burst into laughter, no one does, so you look down and mutter "guess you had to be there" and hope that the conversation quickly moves on)

Anyways, I'll preface this with: "you had to be there"
Bowling. Paradise Lanes. I really hope paradise is nothing like this bowling alley- that would just be sad.
Now I have no idea why there's a dude lying in this parking lot, but it's the only picture I could find of alleged paradise.
We figured on a Wednesday night there wouldn't be too many people there. Little did we know, Spartanburg is the home to some serious Wednesday night bowlers. Place was packed! (Maybe they were confused on the whole paradise thing..ok no more references to that I promise)

My team in bowling order: Katie, Pearce, Shelby, Andrea, Kim, and Me (obviously)
None of us were off to a very good start, and it's always just awkward right after you've bowled and you have to walk back to your seat. Should I act like I don't care that I just got another gutter ball? Do I act disappointed in myself to make everyone think I'm actually a really good bowler who is just having an off night? Or do I turn around and quickly walk back without even watching to see how many (or few) of the pins fell over? O the complexities of bowling!

We decided to overcome the awkwardness by creating different dances: there was the gutter ball dance (the embarrassment factor served as motivation to knock at least one pin over), the spare dance, and the strike dance/chest bump.

All the dancing definitely made it more fun, but the best reaction of the night came from dear Katie. After bowling, she turned around, flexed her arms, shook her curls, and let out some sort of mix between a roar a squeal and a battle cry. Quite loudly. I can't even remember if it was because she did well or poorly, but it was hilarious. But it must have worked because she had the second highest score. (no big deal I got a strike on the last frame, FTW)

And then there was Andrea. After perfecting the gutter ball dance and holding onto a score of 8, she decided to swallow her pride and go for the granny shots. But this wasn't just any granny shot. This was the Granny X-treme Edition. Andrea, ever so confident, walked up, bent over, legs shoulder length distance apart and during the swingback of the ball, POP her right leg would shoot out to the side on cue every single time, making her look like she was getting ready to do the Irish Jig. Quite impressive, quite hilarious, and oddly effective.

In all, a fun night!

Love these girls!

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