Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Daniel (very) Fast

The Daniel Fast is my newest nemesis. Actually, not anymore because I quit today. I had decided on a whim to do this fast with Kaitlin and Megan. It started off poorly when I didn't even begin on our original start day, but how could I resist Sarah's mom's delicious chicken salad and pasta?!

 These are the rules: eat like a bird. Not really but that's what it feels like: only fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts. I thought it would be a fun challenge, something to add to my list of what not to eats (since I've given up sweets since January 1) and I figured it wouldn't be too far off what I eat now (since I have been eating lots of Burwell salads.) So, Abbey and I went on a little excursion to the Fresh Market to get me some peanut butter, breakfast, and sweet little Abbey was so concerned about my health that she bought me a delicious trail mix of nuts and cranberries. This was going to be fun, right? O contraire! Not fun, and NOT easy.

Day 1:  I woke up at 5:30 and grabbed a handful of trail mix as I headed out the door for practice. Feelin good. Stayin positive. I got back to my room after the run and was excited about trying my Cracked Wheat.
I was expecting something similar to oatmeal.

More like crap wheat! I poured it into a bowl and it literally looks like bird seed. 

But I forged on, like the brave little engine that I am. I made it through lunch and dinner, raking in 2 salads, 3 apples, and lots of natural peanut butter and water. I felt so unsatisfied with everything that I ate- I wasn't hungry, just not happy with the 80% water diet. 

Day 2: I planned to wake up at 7:30 and get work done, take care of the hold on my account so I could register for rooming, and take my computer to IT since it has been sick with a virus for the past month (shout out to Abbey for unknowingly letting me use her computer right now). Instead, I layed in bed til 9:45-- and honestly it was because I just could't pull myself out of bed to eat more crap wheat. There could be a sin issue here. Do I really get out of bed in the morning because of food?? Shouldn't I be excited to wake up and enjoy some time with the Lord and be thankful for another day? This issue is still to be contemplated. But maybe it isn't so bad to want to read the Bible over a nice hot cup of coffee and some eggs and toast...

Once I finally pulled myself out of bed and made my breakfast..and added everything that I could to it to try to give it some taste (peanut butter, cranberries, raisins...) I headed to the track for practice.

Now maybe it's psychological but I felt wiped at practice. I literally just wanted to lay down on the grass and take a nap ( keep in mind I slept a full 10 hours the night before). Now, it could be that I am just a lazy person that would rather sun bathe than run in circles. That's valid. But I choose to blame my lethargy on my lack of protein, dairy, carbs, overall happiness... 

After practice I decided I was done. But the sweet potato saved me. I got to Zachs and the thought of eating lettuce repulsed me. But there it was: orange and wrapped in aluminum foil, the sweet aroma reaching my nostrils. I got so excited that there was something delicious (AND LEGAL!) for me to eat! No butter, no cinnamon sugar, no problem. 

Then came the cat lab. After 3 hours of dissecting a cat (sorry, not appetizing on a blog post all about food. but what about this post is appetizing anyway? Should I refer you back to the cracked wheat?) I got to Burwell for dinner, took a lap around, saw no beans, no bananas, no carrots and thought: THATS IT! No more apples, no more lettuce without dressing, and no more misery! 

I got a bowl of Fiesta Bean Chili (see, that's food that just sounds happier!) and spooned my way to health. I then proceeded to apologize to everyone that I had been a quitter. But I couldn't help it. This Daniel Fast conquered me. Props to Daniel for being wiser, faster, and stronger for it, but I met my match. This Daniel Fast was indeed fast for me. 1 day and 2 meals later, I'm back to eating like a normal human (minus the sweets of course!)

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  1. genuinely obsessed... third time i've checked today, yes i need to do organic which is the whole reason i started this blogging business! love the new background